Claim Processing

Claim Entry Options

Claim Entry


More profit is just a click away. With options galore! Integrate data, Import, Manual Entry, Copy Batch and Batch Builder Wizard. This versatility increases efficiencies and decreases administrative burden for HCBS Services, Special Education, and Therapy Services

Import Claims


Importing claims is an essential tool to increase efficiencies and decrease duplication of effort. 

Copy Batch


Data that is the same month to month week to week with minimal changes. Copy the batch without re-entering the data. 

Batch Builder


Build a batch for a program and service. When completed, simply modify the batch with our change, delete functions. 

Manual Entry


Enter claims manually but wait! We have a few tricks to make this process easier by setting client defaults and  space-bar duplication function.   

Create Billing


Create Billing to create X12 files to submit claims electronically, CMS1500, UB04 or create invoice billing. 

Claim Tools

Claim Scrubbing


Receive alerts of claims errors before they go out to a payer, you’ll increase the level of acceptance by more than 95%.

Suspend Claims


Suspend claims for no units or dollars, no prior authorization, no service/treatment plan, no diagnosis and no subscriber.

Rebill Claims


 Rebilling a claim has never been easier, its a click of a button.  

Batch Tools


Need to adjust, void and rebill claims efficiently, use our batch tools. Option by claim-line are available.  

270/271 Eligibility Check


Verify client eligibility by client and by program.   

Batch Status Screen


Notifies if a batch or claims have not been processed. Tracks suspended claims and alerts when claims are close to timely filing.