Reporting & Exports

Reporting Data

SSP Billing offers hundreds of Built-In reports including;


  • Open Invoice Aging – Open invoices by age
  • Client Aging – Detailed aged account receivable
  • Never Billed – Services performed but never submitted for billing
  • Never Paid – Summary of eligible claims billed but remaining unpaid
  • Claims flagged for Rebill – Summary of claims that are flagged for rebilling
  • Suspend Report – Lists claims that are suspended
  • Tax Report –  Calculates tax owed on service provided
  • System Summary – Reports number of clients serviced by age group, program, status and billing status
  • Duplicate claims reports – Summary of service that are duplicated Billing History-Detailed billing activity by month
  • Billing History by GL – Detailed billing activity by GL number
  • Billing History by Service – Detailed billing activity by service code
  • Payment Journal report – Detailed report of payments posted
  • Client Authorizations – Detailed authorization information of amount of units authorized, billed, remaining and percent used.
  • Client price lists – Lists price of each client
  • Quarterly Billable Units – Detailed report of weekly units per client and program
  • Waiting list – reports clients on waiting list
  • Universal Export

Exporting Data


Universal Export


Not being able to find the data you need makes it nearly impossible to run a profitable business. Nobody wants to have to constantly ask their software provider for custom reports to fit their needs.

That's why SSP Billing has created a robust custom reporting engine which allows you to access data from Microsoft Excel to create filters, pivot tables, charts and graphs on all billing records in SSP Billing including patient demographics, claims, payments, receipts, insurance companies, and more.